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612-216-LICE (5423)

Lice Catchers is here to help you with the creepy crawly feeling you have on your head.

With over 19 years of experience,

you're in good hands.

Leave the nit-picking to us!




Lice Catchers is on a mission to rid your family of pesky lice in a convenient, discreet and comfortable setting.


In 2016, Kathy and Linda recognized a need in their community and launched Lice Catchers. Both residents of Chanhassen, Kathy is a Health Para-Professional in the Minnetonka School District and Linda is an avid volunteer.  Their goal is to provide you with the best client experience by treating your louse/nit collection in the comfort of your home.


With a combined 19+ years of experience and children of their own, the Lice Catchers duo can spot the tiniest of nits, lice, dirt, an even the occasional piece of glitter in your hair.  



We offer many different options to help rid your family of head lice.


We are able to teach you how to catch lice yourself, or if the thought of that

gives you the heeby jeebies, we will provide a comprehensive treatment.

Basic Lice Check

$10 - $20 depending on the length of hair

Thorough head check to determine whether live lice and/or nits are present.


If lice are found we are available to do a full treatment at an hourly rate or provide you with training to DIY.

Full Treatment

$100 an hour

During this treatment, we manually remove all live lice and nits using a top quality lice/nit comb.

We do not use heat, chemicals or products.

Average head lice case takes about an hour

Free nit comb provided.

Lice Removal Training

$100 flat rate for 30 minutes of training

If you want to do the nit picking yourself but need a little assistance and training, we will come to you. We will educate you on lice checks, comb outs and tips on keeping your head

and home lice/nit free.

A free nit comb will be provided.

Follow Up Check

$10 - $20 depending on the length of hair

In order to receive a 30 day guarantee, a follow up check must be scheduled 7-10 days after full treatment.


All family members must be treated and be lice/nit free in order to receive the guarantee.

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Hours of Operation

Mon - Sun 9am-10pm
by appointment

612-216-LICE (5423)  

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