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How did I get head lice?  

In most cases, head lice is spread by head-to-head contact.

Less than 5% of cases are caused by lice present on objects like brushes, hats and furniture.  *use caution when taking selfies with friends!

Should I tell my friends that I have head lice?

Head lice are highly contagious and can affect anyone with whom you've had head-to-head contact.  You shouldn't feel embarrassed or ashamed as lice actually prefer clean hair.  The sooner your friends are notified the more likely the lice will be discovered during the earlier stage of infestation, therefore, easier to eradicate.

Can head lice jump or fly?

No!  Head lice do not have hind legs or wings and are not able to jump or fly.

How soon can head lice start laying eggs?

Head lice like to travel in groups consisting of  7 or 8 females and 1 male.  If the females are already fertilized they can start laying eggs immediately.  

How many eggs can a louse lay in 1 day?

10-12 a day.  Keep in mind, if there is 1 fertilized female it's likely there are more.  This could easily mean 70 plus new nits per day

What is the life cycle?

A nit will hatch in 7-10 days.  Baby lice are called nymphs and then within a week they become a louse and will begin laying eggs when fertilized.  A louse will live approximately 30 days.

Can I treat lice with an over the counter pesticide or special lice shampoo?

Yes you can try but over time lice have become resistant to these products and they are not 100% effective.  Remember it only takes 1 fertilized female to keep the cycle going.  The only way to rid your head of lice is to manually remove all nits and lice by regularly combing with a specially designed nit comb.

Do I need to deep clean my entire home?

Lice want to stay near their food source which is your head.  They cannot survive for more then 24 hours off your head so chances of finding viable lice on furniture, carpet and toys is highly unlikely. They need blood and warmth to survive.  A nit will die once separated from the head.  Washing items like your bedding or anything that you are in daily contact with is recommended.


What can I do to prevent head lice?

Nothing is 100% effective as we all have blood in our body. 

Educate yourself!

Comb your hair weekly with a high quality lice comb and do regular head checks.

Will I itch with head lice?

Not always.  Many of the people that we have treated have said they weren't itchy at all.  Everyone is different.

Is head lice more common in the winter?

Head lice are prevalent all year so as long as people have head-to-head contact head lice will thrive.


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